Thursday, 9 May 2013

Hand Embroidered Floral Samples

I don't know if you know this but all my embroideries come from my paintings and drawings in some form or another. Some are direct interpretations of my paintings or drawings, while others are just inspired by them as in the example below.

Hydrangea Flower head - Watercolour on cartridge paper

Above is one of my original watercolour paintings which inspired a series of embroidery samples on chiffon fabric. The reason they were embroidered onto chiffon is that when I left uni I was asked by a fashion studio to create some floral embroideries on chiffon fabric in various thread thicknesses. So these are a few of my samples below. 

Chain stitch, backstitch and straight stitch

Backstitch, straight stitch and French knots

Chain stitch, straight stitch and French knots

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Haworth Church Yard - Hand Embroidered Stitchery

I am just finishing this little postcard of Haworth Church Yard it is part of my Victorian inspired tinted postcards collection. I have been adding texture to it with French Knots, backstitch, Satin Stitch, Straight Stitch and Fly Stitch. I have created this piece using a photograph I took of the church yard and then altered it in Photoshop to give it a sepia colour. There is a post about it somewhere on the blog! Anyway it's one of my many works in progress which is now getting a long awaited finish! I wanted to add more detail to the grave stones and also create a sense of depth with the colouring of the trees. I have used Fly Stitch in the foreground to build up the foliage by working them elongated in the shape of a Y in various thread thicknesses. I've still to add more stitches to this and grass around the stones, as well as French Knots in the trees. But overall it's pretty much there.

Haworth Church Yard, Haworth
Elongated Fly Stitch

French Knot Details

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Arrowhead Stitch Tutorial

Arrowhead stitch comes from the family of straight stitches and can be used as a line or filling stitch. It's an easy stitch to work as it is made by two straight stitches worked at right angles to each other. A row of stitches gives a zigzag effect. Arrowhead can be worked on Aida fabric or on a plain weave fabric using guidelines as shown in my tutorial below. The stitch can be worked horizontal or vertical.

Arrowhead Stitch Horizontal

Step 1

If working on a plain weave fabric first mark two horizontal lines. Working from left to right bring your needle to the right side of the fabric at (1) on the top line. Next insert it below and to the right at (2), bringing it back up again at (3) on the top line as shown. Pull through to form a short diagonal stitch.

Step 2

To complete the Arrowhead stitch take your needle back down at (2).

Step 3

To begin your next stitch bring your needle back up at (3). Continue working stitches following the same procedure as above, keeping stitches even.

Arrowhead Stitch Vertical

Step 1

Begin by marking a series of guidelines on your fabric, as shown in the image below. Working top to bottom bring your needle up at (1), insert it again at (2) and bring it up at (3). Pull Through. (Same as horizontal version)

Step 2

Next take your needle down at (2) again to complete the stitch, bringing it up again to the left at (4) inline with (1), to start the next stitch below. Pull through.

Step 3

Insert your needle at (5) and bring it back up at (6) inline with (3). Continue working stitches downwards following the same procedure as above.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Hand Embroidery Patterns

I'm working on a new range of hand embroidery patterns and mini taster projects which I will be selling via my ArtyThreads Etsy Shop. Each PDF pattern will contain an image of the finished embroidery, stitch instructions, black and white pattern and also a reversed image of the design. This is a design I created of a Bull Dog which can now be downloaded via Etsy's new instant download facility once payment has been confirmed. I love dogs and will be producing a range of doggie designs! I stitched the fella below in split stitch on natural linen fabric in green stranded cotton, of course you can create him in any stitch or colour you like. He would look great on a cushion or even framed.

Bull Dog Hand Embroidery Pattern
Bull Dog Hand Embroidery Pattern

Pansy Free Machine Applique and Beading Sample

Here is another embroidery sample I found while sorting out my studio. This little applique is created using hand dyed canvas with a felt backing. I have then used free machine embroidery to embellish it in metallic threads, organza fabric and hand sewn seed beads to create a pansy. I think I was going to make it into a card or something but thought the pansy was a bit too round!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Armenian Edging Stitch

Continuing on with my Stitch A-Z, I am working on the A stitches and today on my blog I have a tutorial for a lovely decorative stitch called Armenian Edging Stitch. I love edging stitches as they can change the appearance of a plain hankie, napkin or table cloth etc. I like to work my edging stitches in cotton perle threads as they are perfect for this type of stitch.

Ok to work Armenian Edging stitch you need to work from left to right and when you complete each knot pull your thread quite tight. But not too tight they all gather up!

Step 1

First bring your needle to the right side of the fabric at (1) on the edge of your hem. I like to knot my thread leaving a long tail I can thread through the back of the stitches at the end. Working to the right insert your needle from the underside at (2) as shown in the photo below. 

Step 2

Before pulling your needle through the fabric form the thread into a loop (3). Insert your needle through the loop as shown and pull through, pulling the thread tight to create the knot.

Continue working to the right repeating the above steps until you have worked stitches around your entire hem. When your hem is complete it will have a knotted scroll effect as shown in the last photo. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, more soon! Happy Stitching!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Architectural Textile Samples

I said on a recent post that I was having a bit of a sort out in my studio and that I would show some of my stitched samples. When I was at uni I was heavily into architecture and loved drawing, photographing and stitching buildings in and around Manchester. Below are a few of my stitched textile samples from my first year.

Window applique ideas

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

It's Getting There!

Since my last update I have been concentrating on getting a knitted feel to the hat on my embroidered portrait. I have worked rows of backstitch in grey thread in a chevron formation and filled them with satin stitches which is now nearly complete. I will also add some more shading etc. There is still lots more stitching to do but it's definitely getting there now!