Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Suffolk Puffs!

I had a bit of a making spree over the weekend! I love making little things and I had some vintage fabric squares, lace and some linen, so I thought I would make one or two products for my ArtyThreads Etsy Shop. I love Suffolk puffs so these formed an idea for a simple little daisy design. First I created the Suffolk puffs and attached them to the fabric with a vintage button. I then drew a simple little stem and leaves which I hand stitched in running stitch. In the end I created a keyring, picture and lavender sachet and even a needlecase and pincushion in linen and lace. I think they look kind of cute!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Good Use for Stitch Samples!

I am in the process of sorting out my little studio at the moment as I am running out of space. There are books and stitch samples everywhere! I never knew I had so much stuff in one small room. I am hoping to mount all my embroidery and stitch samples onto card so that I can organise them better, instead of them being in piles on the floor or in boxes. While I was sorting them out I piled some in the middle of the room and when I turned around my Border Collie pup Benji had lay down on them and made a bed. I thought well at least he's found a good use for them!

I think what I will do is if I find any interesting ones I haven't put on the blog before I will photograph them and do a blog post on how they were created etc. The design sample below is from my uni days (don't think I have posted it before) and is a repeat pattern design from an original watercolour and produced on a multi-head embroidery machine. The design was for a table runner. The work I produced for my final degree show was embroidered designs for home furnishings. Right back to the sorting out!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Zigzag Chain Stitch

Zigzag chain stitch as it's name suggests is chain stitches that are worked at an angle to the previous stitch to create a zigzag effect. They can be worked in lines or around a shape to give an interesting edge. When working zigzag chain stitch it is important to keep the stitches even. I recommend working between two parallel guidelines.

Step 1

Bring your needle up at 1, then insert it back again at 1. Bring your needle up again diagonally at 2, as shown, looping your thread beneath your needle pull through gently.

Step 2

Next make another chain stitch by inserting your needle at 2 again and bring it out diagonally at 3, looping your thread beneath the needle pull through gently.

Step 3

Work back again to the right by inserting your needle at 3 and bringing it out at 4. Looping your thread beneath the needle pull through. Continue working chain stitches from right to left as required finishing the last chain with a small stitch as for chain stitch.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Work in Progress Catch Up!

I have to say I am probably like most people and have a few embroideries on the go, but the portrait illustration below, I have been working on for a while and I am now hoping to complete it this month! So I have been working away on it and keeping my head down, hence I have had no time to blog! The year is flying by already and I cannot believe we are already in April! The kids have been on their Easter hols for the last two week and have just returned to school today. A two week holiday at Easter does seem a bit excessive though! It won't belong before they are breaking up for the summer! At the end of 2012 I was busy making things for my Etsy shop and also working on some new drawings which you can see on my Behance portfolio, some of which I am hoping to turn into embroideries. This year I am going to be concentrating on my embroidery more and I am hoping to enter my work into a few exhibitions, so watch this space!