Thursday, 21 July 2011

Scroll Stitch Tutorial

Scroll Stitch is a decorative stitch used for straight and curved lines. It has a flowing textural effect and looks lovely if used for decorative bands and borders. It can be worked on plain or evenweave fabrics.

Ok, to work Scroll Stitch, working from left to right. Bring your needle up at 1. With the thread form a loop as shown in the first photograph, hold down with left thumb if needed. Insert the needle at 2 and up at 3 taking a small stitch, the thread should be under the needle. If it's easier mark the fabric with a fabric pen and pick up the stitch between 2 and 3 over the marked line as shown below. Pull through but not too tightly keeping the size of the scrolls even. Repeat as necessary. Fasten off last scroll with a small stitch along your line. Using thick threads gives a bolder effect to this stitch. Happy Stitching!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Split Stitch

Split stitch is great for straight and curved lines especially outlines. Split stitch however when worked side by side in rows makes a lovely smooth filling stitch. Split stitch can be worked on both plain and evenweave fabrics. It was used in the middle ages to embroider the hands and faces of figures.

Ok, how do we work a Split Stitch?

Work from left to right. Bring your needle up at 1 and down at 2 pull through. Next bring your needle up at 3 through the middle of the thread. Repeat along your row or outline as required. This is a really easy stitch to work and it creates a chain like appearance. You are best using a thread that will split easily such as stranded cotton.

You can even use two different colours in the needle to create a shaded or variegated appearance. The little snail design was stitched in Split Stitch, Split Stitch Filling, Running Stitch, Straight Stitch and a French Knot. The close up shows the Split Stitch Filling, the centre of the snail was worked in two colour Split Stitch.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Friday Catch Up!

It has a very busy week with lots of writing and stitching going on! I have finished the first part of my etsy wedding commission, managed to do some stitching on my stitched photography pieces and lots of writing for my new commission. I am also planning on doing a series of new stitch tutorials soon! There are lots of stitches I haven't covered yet so I thought it was time I got around to doing this. My main website is also back up and running and has had a face lift courtesy of hubby Andrew!

Once I have finished my latest two stitched photography pieces I am embarking on a Dracula inspired piece and creating a whole new range of stitched photography artwork. The black and white photograph of Whitby Abbey below is the start of my new piece.

Friday, 8 July 2011

A Very Strange Friday!

Today has been a pretty weird day it's been dark and raining all day! I have been working away all day on my latest commissions which includes stitching and writing! It's been too dark to take any photographs of my latest pieces and for some reason all day this blog has had a weird banding to it! I think I will end today, while the skies are dark and heavy with rain by reading Dracula! Goodnight and do watch for any low flying bats!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

My New Favourite Place

I have fallen in love with Whitby!! I would love to move there, with it's lovely shops and art galleries plus it's hidden streets and Gothic abbey! I have always fancied visiting and luckily we managed to fit two visits in while were on holiday in Filey this June.

I loved wandering up and down the little streets with it's history of Captain Cook and also because of it's connections with Dracula. I bought a new copy of Bram Stoker's Dracula and also the sequal written by Dacre Stoker a descendant of Bram and a Dracula historian Ian Holt. I am at present re-reading the original and now I have visited Whitby it makes the story of Dracula that bit more real!

Hubby Andrew bought me a pair of Whitby Jet earrings which I am currently sporting while writing this post! Around Halloween Whitby have a film festival and ball which I am currently trying to persuade Andrew to take me to! I also found this great website when I got back off holiday and wish I had found it before I went lol it's called Dracula in Whitby and is full of information about Whitby and Dracula definitely worth a visit!

Tate Hill Sands - Whitby

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Stitched Photography

My blog is back up and running again!!!! I am currently working on two commissions at present one for my ArtyThreads Etsy shop and the other which will be revealed sooooooon! Life has suddenly become very busy and I am also trying to develop my personal work which I am trying to combine my love of photography and stitch hence the new blog name Stitched Photography! I have two pieces currently on the go as you will see below and have this fab idea inspired by a recent trip to Whitby! I will be keeping this blog up to date from now on I promise!!! I will be packing it full of ideas, inspiration and my work in general, all embroidery related stuff for that matter so do check in on me now and then!

oh nearly forgot I am having a Summer Sale in my Etsy Shop! You get 25% off on any item with this coupon code SUNSHINE well that is what we were having till I just looked out the window and it is dark and throwing it down!!!!!!

Taloula - hand embroidery, photography and Photoshop

Wuthering Heights - finally getting around to finishing this piece!

Bug Brooch

Hand embroidery and seed beads with handmade felt