Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Lumbutts and Mankinholes Done!

Finally finished my Lumbutts and Mankinholes tinted postcard! I really enjoyed making this one as it kind of marks the approach of Spring with the grass going green but the trees are only just starting to shoot new leaves. The sky is pale as it is still cold and you can feel the chill in the air though you know when the sun comes out it will be warm on your face! I haven't over worked this postcard as I wanted it to just have a subtle tinting of colour.

I have just started another embroidered postcard so will add some pics soon!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Bronte Parsonage - Haworth

Yesterday I discovered a new group on twitter and flickr called Bronte-Along and was kindly asked to add my embroidery of Bronte Parsonage to the group! It is such a fantastic idea for a group and was created to celebrate works of the Bronte Sisters. Anyone who has an interest in the sisters is invited to join in reading and watching films based on the books and if you create arts and crafts inspired by the Bronte Sisters then you can upload it to the group! Just up my street as I love the books, films and most of all love visiting Haworth which is not that far from where I live! 

The landscape around Haworth is fantastic I'm hoping this year to get to see the Bronte falls, as last year I couldn't walk very well so have not had a chance to visit yet. There are lots of events on in Haworth throughout the year and it is such a great place to visit, we are heading over there this Easter! My favourite book is Jane Eyre which I have read many times and of course Wuthering Heights which inspired the inscription on the grave stones in my embroidery. I have two other Bronte postcards to work on and hopefully I will be inspired over the Easter weekend with a visit to Haworth to create a lot more Bronte artwork.

If you are a massive Bronte fan you should definitely checkout the Bronte-Along group! They also have a facebook page as well. 

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Friday, 26 March 2010

Meet the Girls!



A few weeks ago we decided, as we were embarking on this greener healthier lifestyle to keep chickens and we now have two good girls called Valerie and Taloula. At the moment we are getting one egg a day from Taloula but Valerie has not started laying yet. We did have quite a large white double yoke egg the other day so we wondered whether this was from Valerie as Taloula is laying small brown speckled eggs. Its great fun keeping the chickens the kids love it and myself and hubby Andrew are getting such a kick out of getting fresh eggs from our own chickens or chicken!

My holistic therapy course is going great and I have just completed my first assignment! The kids and me have just recovered from a 4 day stomach bug and I am now keen even more so to learn about alternative therapies and medicines! The course is really interesting and I am getting a buzz out of learning something new, however I am going to be starting a new embroidery soon as I want to keep my hand in! I am mostly going to be making things for the home and to go on my etsy shop on the themes of nature and mind, body and spirit so watch this space! Back to the books now! Hope you like the new look blog!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

What's in the News!

The title for my blog post today is 'What's in the News' which is what Charlotte Church called her rather annoying sing song spot on the Charlotte Church show! She used to sing 'What's in the news your'll find out today, it's all here in this news' it was really annoying and cheesy and used to drive poor hubby Andrew nuts, so me and Oscar always sing it to him when we have any news! lol ok, what am I going on about you are wondering?

Well great news the Craftyfrugals community has taken off and we have 61 members so far which is cool. We are working on the next issue of NEEDLE so hoping that will be out soon! Also managed to combine most things onto the Hand Embroidery Network community site! So that's great and I am feeling more relaxed about things too. Which is brilliant and has prompted me to take the most exciting change of all! I am going to train as an Holistic Therapist! I am really really excited about this and think it will fit in nicely with our lifestyle. I love alternative therapies and on this course I get to study Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Massage, Nutrition and Counselling. I am hoping to add to this in the near future Crystal healing as I am really interested in this and other healing arts.

I'm not going to be stopping doing my embroidery or anything as I believe and always have done since uni that art and health go hand in hand and I want to develop this further. I am 40 next year! 'OMG' lol and want to find balance and harmony in everything I do for the next chapter in my life! Myself and hubby Andrew are going full steam ahead with our self-sufficiency and greener lifestyle it's all good and really exciting! Andrew is even buying me some chickens for Mother's Day off the kids and I can't wait!

Oh almost forgot LuShae Jewelry are having a fab giveaway so it maybe worth checking out as there is $200 worth of jewellery up for grabs each month!