Open Cretan Stitch

Open Cretan Stitch can be used for decorative borders and edgings and appliqué. It can be worked on either evenweave or plain weave fabric in a variety of threads. If using plain weave it is easier to work if you first mark the fabric with four parallel lines with a removable fabric pen. It is a really easy stitch to work and definitely one to add to your stitching arsenal.

To work Open Cretan Stitch work from left to right, bring your needle up at 1, down at 2 and up at 3, your thread should be beneath your needle as shown. Pull through. Next bring your needle down at 4 and up again at 5, once again your thread should be beneath your needle. Pull through. Continue to make stitches all along your line and finish with a small stitch. The width of the border and the space between the stitches can be varied to give interesting effects. In the last photograph I have layered two rows of Open Cretan Stitch on top of one another in different colours. You could use a plain thread underneath and a metallic thread over the top.


  1. That looks very neat, but I never have the patience, LOL! Love my embroidery cross sewing machine.

  2. Como siempre gracias por compartir el tutorial.

  3. hi i m from turkey, i checked all your works and thank you for teaching us these works and sharing them with us :)


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