Coral Stitch

For a cool beaded look to your stitching add coral stitch as an alternative outline stitch or use it as a filling stitch as I have done below. Coral stitch can be seen on many examples of Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century English Crewel work. It is also known as coral knot or beaded stitch.

Right how do we work it? First start at the right by bringing your needle up at 1 and lay your thread on top of the fabric to the left holding it down with the left thumb. If it helps to keep your line straight you can always draw a guide line. Next moving a short distance along the line pick up a small stitch between 1 and 2 and under the thread. Make sure the thread is looped under the needle as in the picture and then pull the thread through to form a knot. Continue working along the line in the same way.

You can use different thread thicknesses or change the angle of the knot to give different effects. Coral stitch can be used on straight or curved lines as well as being used as a textured filling stitch. When using as a filling stitch place the knots into spaces between the knots of the previous row as shown below.


  1. Oooh that's a pretty cool looking stitch! It almost has a crocheted look when it's used as a filling stitch. Thanks (as always) for taking the time to post such a clear, easy-to-understand tutorial :o)

  2. That is gorgeous! Your how-tos are so amazing. The explanations and pictures are perfect! I would love to link to some if you didn't mind.

  3. Thanks Janine and Rachel glad you like the tutorial, I don't mind at all if you would like to link to them.

  4. Here is something else you can do with coral stitch: bead it!

    Definitely not as tight and precise as yours (wow!) but still quite funky.

  5. This is a One stop on Stich collection. Thanks

  6. What can I say?
    I love your blog, but Stitch A-Z is very interesting and useful!

    Kind regards! :)


  7. Thanks, I will do some more stitches soon!


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